Founder + CEO

I’m Andrea Iervella, a west Canadian girl that loves anything artistic. I’m the mom who couldn’t bear to throw away any of my children’s art and school work…from their first drawings of people to the hand made cards with their little hand prints painted and stamped with love. Just like many of you my little ones continuously bring home their art projects and stories throughout the year to show off their precious one-of-a-kind creations!

It wasn’t until my oldest child came home with the Rice Krispie tree that she had glued each and every single one on as leaves that I thought to myself “How in the world could I save this one?” and so it started. I began photographing those pieces of art that would not stand the test of time in a box and made my children their own hard covered art books.

Andrea is the winner of the 2015 Mompreneur® of the Year Award of Excellence for Canada. 

I’m the mom that always found it incredibly difficult to throw away something that meant so much to them and to me.