1. How long does it take to have a SchoolWorx book made?

You can expect anywhere between 4-6 weeks after your artwork has arrived. This timeframe assumes your final approvals for the book preview do not take longer than a few days. Occasionally, during busy periods as in the end of the school year, dispatch for standard orders may be extended and will be communicated through email.

2. How many pages/pieces are included in a SchoolWorx book?

Each SchoolWorx book starts with 20 pages and a minimum of 25 art pieces. Not every art piece gets its own page, depending on image size, layout and pre-selected order there can be 2 to 4 images on one page.

3. What types and sizes of artwork do you accept?

We can accommodate all 2-dimensional art and school work and 3-dimemsional pieces that are no larger than the following measurements 15” x 12” x 3 ¾”.

4. What do you consider to be one piece of art?

Each page of a workbook or previously bound book counts as an individual piece. The front and back of a page is counted as two pieces.

5. Do you help choose which pieces of artwork to include in the book?

No we do not choose which pieces of artwork to include in the book. Everything that is sent to SchoolWorx will be scanned and photographed and counted in the total number of art pieces received.

6. What happens to my child’s artwork once the book is complete?

During the ordering process you can choose to have your child’s work sent back to you for a shipping fee of $20. Their art work will arrive separately from their completed book. If you do not want the art work returned we can ensure you that their work will be recycled after you have received the printed book. If you would like only a few pieces returned this can be indicated on the Artwork Submission form included in your confirmation email.

7. Can I add photographs in the book?

Only high resolution digital images can be included within the book. We will accept transfer of these once we receive your art work. If you would like to include printed photos we suggest gluing an envelope or plastic sleeve to the inside of the back cover once you have received your book.

8. Can I include a stapled or bound book that my child created?

If you are planning to have every page of a stapled or bound book digitized then feel free to include it in your shipping box. If you would only like certain art or written pieces included then please carefully tear out these pages and place within the box. Art work that is glued or stapled to a workbook page may be disassembled for proper imaging.

9. What kind of changes can I make during the proofing process?

Acceptable changes include the following: Page layout, background color and image size. If you have changes that are not included in the acceptable changes please contact us to determine additional prices.