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1. Once your box is filled with the latest and greatest it’s best to pad it with bubble wrap or even newspaper so that the art does not slide around in the box. We suggest choosing pieces that will travel well, we may not know which nose that pompom belonged to! We can accept small 3D art pieces that fit into the box that is sent to you.  If you would prefer to take a picture of your fragile piece and upload it for us to include within your book please contact our production team at to find out how

2. Extra large re-sealable plastic bags are a great way to add insurance that your precious pieces are protected from moisture in transit

3. Try not to fold oversized artwork. Rolling larger pieces is advised and can be mailed to us in a packing tube if required

4. Print out 2 copies of the shipping label sent to you, paste one to the outside of your box and include the other inside your box with your artwork

5. Although you are asked to count your art pieces prior to ordering, every order at SchoolWorx is counted precisely when received at our studio.

6. Include the Art Submission Form received in your confirmation email.