SCANNING  and photography

We capture the perfect image of your child’s masterpieces through scanning and photography. Yes, we take the arduous task of going through each piece one by one! We make sure that all corners are unflipped and no detail is overlooked!

Our professional large format art scanners accommodate artwork up to 12”x17” in size all while allowing a greater depth of field so that those noodles, seeds and feathers look like they can be picked up off the page! Enjoy crisp, vibrant digital images.

Have art pieces larger than 12”x17”? No problem!

Our in-studio photography and lighting equipment ensures that all shadows and lighting inconsistencies are controlled to get the best photo possible, even when we are working with oversized art. No iPhone pictures here!


Returning artwork to its original beauty BEFORE it came home in the backpack!

As you know, art and school work rarely come home in perfect condition. Whether they are crumpled from being shoved into your child’s backpack, soaked from leftover lunch, or even missing an eye, we do our very best to fix those favourites and restore them to their original beauty. Our creative team fixes EVERY rip, pin hole, staple mark, and any other missing piece.


An essential part of scanning or photographing is to return the colours to their natural state for optimal printing output. Our trained designers always do this by hand with your art work in view so that every single image is colour corrected according to what we see.

LET THEIR creativity shine!

Turn those piles of art and school work into one-of-a-kind hardcover books that can be treasured forever.